We collaborate on various research and development projects that are helping to create a circular economy within the hair and beauty industry.

We work with:

    Academic institutions
  • Researchers 
    Product companies
    Product developers
    Charity organisations

Our R&D department is project-oriented. We collaborate with individuals and organisations that are also working on target-focused, longer term tasks that result in the creation of new knowledge, products or services which measurably improve our industry.

Meet some of our Research and Development Partners

Sanne Visser

Phd student, Centre for Circular Design

Designer, Studio Sanne Visser

We are supporting Sanne's PhD which seeks to better understand the limitations as well as innovation opportunities for using human hair waste as a material. We are also collaborating with her design studio to bring hairdressers together to explore making and use human hair rope.

To learn more about Sanne's work CLICK HERE 

Stephanie Hodgson

Researcher, MeetthefiveRs

We are collaborating with Stephanie to better understand the environmental toll of disposable salon towels compared to traditional washable ones like cotton and microfibre. Stephanie is also leading on a number of other projects around the uses of human hair waste.

To learn more about Stephanie's project CLICK HERE To see how you can get involved in Stephanie's research CLICK HERE

Ian Williams, PhD

Professor of Applied Environmental Sciences, University of Southampton

We are collaborating with Professor Williams to co-create an assignment for students to propose opportunities for developing a circular economy for hair or other salon waste streams in the UK.

To learn more about Professor William's work CLICK HERE 

Denise Baden, PhD

Professor of Sustainable Business, University of Southampton

We are collaborating with Denise to explore the effectiveness of using mirror talkers to get conversations going between hairdressers and clients about sustainable haircare.

To learn more about our collaboration with Professor Baden CLICK HERE To watch her TEDx Talk CLICK HERE

Relic Plastic

Local recycling business, Lancaster

We are collaborating with Relic to bring new recycled plastic products to market for the hair and beauty industry using plastic waste generated by the same industry. We are also commissioning Relic to produce a limited series of 100% recycled pots for an upcoming R&D event.

To learn more about Relic Plastic CLICK HERE 

Eoin McQuone

Founder, Go Climate Positive

We are collaborating with Eoin on our Disposable Salon Towels project. Eoin is carrying out Life Cycle Assessments for various salon towel types and visiting GSC member salons in order to better understand how these towels are actually being used, laundered and disposed of.

To learn more about our Disposable Salon Towels project CLICK HERE To learn more about Go Climate Positive CLICK HERE

Raechel Kelly

Founder, The Liminality

We consult with Raechel on our Disposable Salon Towels project. Raechel was integral to initiating this investigation and she will be using our findings to give reliable recommendations to GSC members undertaking our Accreditation process. 

To learn more about regenerative business  at The Liminality CLICK HERE


Architecture and research firm, London

We are supporting leading architects, Deborah Lopez and Hadin Charbel from Pareid, in their development of hair-based architectural and building materials. They will be experimenting with our felting machine as well as helping to produce prototypes for our Potting Felt study.  

To learn more about the architects and our collaboration CLICK HERE


Regenerative biomanufacturer, London

We are collaborating with Biohm on an exploratory study to trial human hair waste in both their "orb" and "mycelium" processes to produce an alternative wood-based sheet material (pictured) or other 3D objects. We are also exploring the possibilities for creating products specifically for the hair and beauty industry. 

(Picture credit: BIOHM)

To learn more about our collaboration CLICK HERE. To learn more about Biohm's "orb" and "mycelium" CLICK HERE

Natural Fibre Co

Woolen Mill, Cornwall

We are collaborating with Natural Fibre Co, a British mill supported by the Rural Development Programme for England, on a project to upscale the use of hair in yarn and rope. We are currently trialing a 'chunky' yarn comprised of salon hair waste blended with near-waste wool.

(Picture credit: Natural Fibre Co)

To learn more about our collaboration CLICK HERE. To learn more about NFC CLICK HERE

Ryan Crawford

Owner, Crawford Hair

We are collaborating with Ryan on a number of hair felt projects. Ryan is replicating our Potting Felt project to ensure our data is robust. 

To learn more about Crawford Hair CLICK HERE

Until we can make our other partnerships public, we'll tell you about some of the conversations we're having right now! We are in conversation with...

  • ... a design activist who uses hair not only in fashion but as a catalyst for discussions around inequality, gentrification and diversity.

If you have a project we might be interested in, get in touch with Stephanie: research@greensaloncollective.com