To better our understanding of the impacts of the hair and beauty industry on people and planet as well as to create better solutions and services which tackle salon waste, we work with many motivated researchers, businesses and organisations.

We also work with professionals in the hair and beauty industry: YOU !!

Did you know that your experience in the industry is invaluable to our research?

Whether you are a salon owner, hairdresser, barber, hair stylist, freelancer, or run a co-working space which supports entrepreneurs, your expertise could be just the thing we need! 

Here's how you can get involved


w/ Sanne Visser, Centre for Circular Design

STATUS: fulfilled  TIME COMMITMENT: medium   INVOLVEMENT: interview 

This project will help to form the foundation of Sanne's PhD which investigates human hair waste as a resource. Sanne is looking to conduct one-to-one, in-person, on-site interviews with at least three hairdressing spaces during the months of September and October 2021. 

To learn more about Sanne Visser's work CLICK HERE

This R&D Opportunity is now closed. Thank you to everyone who reached out


w/ Stephanie Hodgson, MeetthefiveRs

STATUS: still needed  TIME COMMITMENT: 5 minutes  INVOLVEMENT: survey

Stephanie is investigating the environmental toll of disposable salon towels. Integral to the research is understanding hairdresser perspectives of this product especially comparing it to changing perceptions of traditional, reusable salon towels. The survey is open to any professional in the hair and beauty industry.

To learn more about Stephanie Hodgson's work CLICK HERE

To take the survey CLICK HERE

On the horizon:

  • We will be looking for salons and hairdressing spaces to take part in a pilot study which explores the effectiveness of mirror talkers for sparking conversations between hairdressers and their clients around sustainable haircare. Details for this R&D Opportunity are coming soon!

    Following up on our recent survey, we will be looking for hairdressers and other professionals in the hair and beauty industry to take part in one-to-one interviews which explore perspectives as well as actual use of disposable salon towels. Details for this R&D Opportunity are coming soon!

    We are developing a campaign to create a local circular economy for plastic packaging waste together with two other brands, yet to be announced. We would like input from professionals in the hair and beauty industry as to what sorts of new tools or products made from 100% recycled plastic they would like to see be brought to market. Details for this R&D Opportunity are coming soon!
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