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Remember to charge a Green Fee

For our system to become cost-neutral our member salons charge their clients a £1 to £2 (or euro) Green Fee on every visit.  Some of our members call it an eco fee or a sustainable fee. Either way, this extra charge covers all future costs of being a member with us. 

Software integration

We work with most salon software programs. This means we can set up your system so a Green Fee is added to every invoice. This extra revenue does not get added to stylists totals either. It will be accounted for separately on your 'profit and loss' so you can clearly see how much Green Fees you have accumulated versus how much you have spent with us. 

Learn more here.



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  • Returns Box (x1) Returns Box (x1)
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    Returns Box (x1)

    1 PrePaid Return Box  - - -  Our Returns Boxes boxes will each fit up to 350 clients' worth of hair or slightly less for used foil and empty colour tubes.  ...
  • Returns Boxes (x3) Returns Boxes (x3)
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    Returns Boxes (x3)

    3 PrePaid Returns Boxes.  - - -  Our boxes will each fit up to 350 clients' worth of hair or slightly less for used foil and empty colour tubes.   Includes A Planted...
  • Returns Boxes (x5) Returns Boxes (x5)
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    Returns Boxes (x5)

    5 PrePaid Returns Boxes plus a FREE Green Salon Collective t-shirt!  - - -  Our boxes will each fit up to 350 clients' worth of hair or slightly less for used foil and...
  • Towels Returns Box salon waste disposal
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    Towels Returns Box (x1)

    This Returns Box is for TOWELS only.    Each box will fit between 500-600 compostable towels only. Please make sure that only clean, used towels are placed into this box. We, unfortunately,...
  • Compostable Box Tape (50m) Compostable Box Tape (50m)
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    Compostable Box Tape (50m)

    Compostable paper tape for your Return Boxes. This self-adhesive paper tape is the perfect plastic-free and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic tape.  Compostable & recyclable Plastic-free Vegan Made with a natural...
  • Mini Returns Box salon sustainability
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    Mini Returns Box (x1)

    Our Mini Returns Boxes are excellent for Freelancers or other small businesses in the hair and beauty industry such as nail salons.   1 Mini PrePaid Return Box.  - -...
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