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No contracts, no hidden fees and the only salon waste company to be used and authorised by every leading brand in the industry.

Each starter kit and bin will allow access to the GSC education materials, social media kit, clients letter, information sheets, green fee instructions and, in-salon mirror stickers, and door decal listed on our salon locator.
If you need help, call us on 03335776967 or head to the contact form to receive all the information.

If you're already a member and are looking to buy more bags or boxes, use the dropdown menu here in the shop.  

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  • STARTER KIT (hair & metal) with Returns Box STARTER KIT (hair & metal) with Returns Box
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    STARTER KIT (hair & metal) with Returns Box

    You will receive: In-salon hair bin. In-salon metal bin. 1 x Prepaid Returns Box (worth £175) The Green Bible. Window stickers (see below). In-salon mirror stickers (see below). 100% recycled...
  • STARTER KIT (hair & metals) with NO Returns Box STARTER KIT (hair & metals) with NO Returns Box
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    STARTER KIT (hair & metals) with NO Returns Box

    You will receive: In-salon hair bin. In-salon metal bin. (dirty foil, tubes, cans & tins) The Green Bible. Window sticker (see below). In-salon mirror stickers (see below). 100% recycled bin...
  • Extra Bins (All Waste Streams)

    Want to start reducing your salon's waste and increasing your recycling? Simply select the bins that you require from the dropdown, add to cart, and hey presto - you're ready...
  • Returns Box Returns Box
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    Returns Box

    BIGGEST Return Box on the market that fits a whopping 350 clients' waste per box. £140 per box in the loyalty programme. Join in seconds. 03335776967.  Every box; Is carbon offset via rewilding...
  • Towels Returns Box (x1) Towels Returns Box (x1)
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    Towels Returns Box (x1)

    This Returns Box is for TOWELS only.  Each box will fit between 500-600 compostable towels only. Please make sure that only clean, used towels are placed into this box. We, unfortunately, cannot...
  • Paper and Plastic Recycling (Bin x2 & A Year of Collections)

    From £121.00
    This Service includes two bins for paper and plastic, relevant stickers, and a year's worth of weekly collections.  Paper: You can put all your uncontaminated paper and cardboard in this bin, which is...
  • General Waste to Energy (Bin & A Year of Collections)

    From £132.00
    The General Waste to Energy means ZERO TO LANDFILL it's for the following items: Contaminated salon towels, wax strips, wet tissues, cotton buds, Paper Not Foil (which cannot be recycled),...
  • The Full Circle - Green Salon Collective x Foil Me

    From £24.50
    AVAILABLE NOW £24.50 for 1 box ♲ Premium Foil Me signature embossing, this eye-catching cyan and watermelon pink illustrative custom design was specially created for @greensaloncollective to show the circular economy and...
  • GSC Merch (T-Shirts, Sweater)

    From £12.00
    All made from  GOTS certified organic cotton, Peta certified vegan, Fairwear accredited for good working conditions and as you can see, cool af.   Sweater: Grey sweater sleeve, regular fit, genderless black tee...
  • GSC Marketing Stickers (selection)

    From £5.00
    Chose the stickers that you need to help us reduce waste! Whether you need extra marketing stickers, or have a few hair and metal bins - we want to make...
  • QR Guest Stickers x 5 QR Guest Stickers x 5
    Quick Shop

    QR Guest Stickers x 5

    Take your clients to a hidden page on the Green Salon Collective website where they can read all about the wonderful things that we are doing with your waste.  The...
  • Recycled Plastic Shampoo Holder // Soap Dish (Various Colours)

    From £12.00
    These recycled plastic shampoo holders are perfect for holding shampoo, conditioner or soap bars. Available in packs of 5 for £8 per holder (suggested RRP £12), they're perfect for your clients...
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