...for your first time

  • STEP 1. Buy a Starter Kit

    Choose which salon waste streams you would like us to dispose of for you and then buy the appropriate starter kit. This will be sent out to you with or without a Return Box, depending on what you can afford. You will be automatically placed on our Member Locator and you can use our many physical and digital marketing material right away. You can now also start charging your customers the Green Fee.

    Buy a Starter Kit Here 
  • Step 2. Book your free salon training session

    We want to make sure that you get started with Green Salon Collective in the best way possible, and have all the information you and your team need to recycle! Book a free zoom training session for your stylists that will get them excited about recycling and confident with talking about the green fee.

    Let us know when suits you here 
  • STEP 3. Fill Bins with Waste

    We provide you with designated bins to collect all of your chosen waste streams. Bins are lined with bags and when these fill up, simply place them in your Return Box if you have already purchased one. If you have not, you can purchase the Return Box after you have collected enough Green Fees to cover the cost and simply store your full bags wherever you are able. 

    Shop Returns Boxes Here 
  • STEP 4. Schedule a Collection

    Once your Return Box is full, you can contact us so we can agree on a date to pick it up for you. Purchase of the Return Box comes with this collection service so you will not need to pay any additional money at this point.

    You can book a collection here 
  • STEP 5. Order a new Returns Box

    Start filling it up with hair and metals. You may need to fill up your Return Box every two weeks or maybe every other day. It depends on the size of your business and how many clients you have.

    Order a returns box here 
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...once you're a member

  • STEP 1. Order a New Returns Box

    and start filling it up with whatever recycling services you have signed up for. You may need to fill up your Returns Box every two weeks or maybe every other day. It depends on the size of your business and how many waste streams you are sending to us!

    Order a new returns box here 
  • STEP 2. Schedule a next day collection

    You can book on our website, call us, email us or DM us to arrange a next working day collection with our courier.

    Book a collection here 

How Our Salon Recycling Programme Works

We can recycle your salon's waste hair in over 10 different ways, ensure that all your salon metals are recycled (like foil and colour tubes) and arrange weekly collections for waste streams like paper, plastic and general waste (where your chemicals can go).

Our specialist salon waste disposal for hairdressers is pay as you go, and most of our salon's profit at best, or are cost-neutral at worst.

Shop Returns Boxes Here

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Other Recycling Options

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