mixed recycling doesn't work

Separation is key

We all love the hairdressing industry but we also know it has an ugly side too. 

We freely pour toxic hair colour down the sink. 

We throw out used foils and colour tubes in the regular bin given they mostly can't be recycled. 

We use more plastic and paper than the other shops on the high street. 

We even throw valuable hair cuttings into the bin. 

Green Salon Collective is here to change all this!!!

Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners, we are the original authority on holistic sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland.

We transform every single piece of "rubbish" into something useful. 


We recycle, compost and recover: hair, used foils, empty colour tubes, chemicals, PPE, plastic, paper and even salon towels. 


Beyond providing each of our members with starter kits, marketing material, next-day collections and ongoing support, we also offer useful educational material on all matters regarding sustainability within the whole hairdressing industry.



100% of any money raised from recycling your raw materials or new products made from your waste goes to charity. By recycling our profits, every month we can support charities and organisations that are close to our hearts. 

These currently include the following: FoodCycle - Haircuts4Homeless - Mossy Earth.


The biggest winner here is that we reward the planet. We are diverting easily recyclable materials that are currently being sent to landfill. These are materials such as aluminium foil which is a commodity that can be recycled an infinite amount of times. We'll also recycle your hair to ensure that it will be used to either help adsorb oil from our waterways, be added into gardeners composting mixes, or if it's long enough, be donated to wig making charities. There is absolutely no reason why either of these materials should be thrown away as general waste just to end up in the ground.


To join the collective, head over to our shop section, choose the materials you wish to recycle, and then let us take care of the rest. If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. You can either reach out to us via the contact page or email us at hello@greensaloncollective.com and we'll be in touch.   


We look forward to welcoming you on board.  ​

Green Salon Collective   #wasteembraced 

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