Within the last year our unique recycling programme has been featured across many news platforms, shedding light on how we enable salons to become ethical and sustainable by ensuring every item of salon waste finds a new use. 

Here are some of the highlights.

Herald Scotland

15 June 2023

The Scottish hairdresser using salon hair to save the oceans

Each year 6,700 tonnes of human hair waste is produced in hairdressing in the UK - and 98 percent of it ends up in landfill. But Edinburgh salon, Paterson SA, is part of a growing scheme to prevent waste from their industry from being dumped. 

Reporting Scotland

11 April 2023

Green Salon Collective and Linton and Mac (a member salon) talk to BBC Scotland about what they're doing to increase hair and metal recycling within hair salons, encourage sustainable practises and reduce waste being sent to landfill

BBC Scotland

11 April 2023

How is the beauty industry going green?

The beauty industry may not have been the most environmentally friendly in the past, but some Scottish firms are attempting to change that, featuring GSC member Linton & Mac. 


February 2023

The New Eco Code

Is your hair salon making sustainable strides? Does it recycle used foils and hair clippings? If you’re not sure, check out Green Salon Collective (GSC). This exciting initiative is changing the way UK beauty salons dispose of products like dyes, foils, colour tubes and, yes, even your hair trimmings. 


4 January 2023

Say Hello to the Wella Education Book 2023

As part of Wella’s continued environmental commitment, the Yearbook is printed on 100% recycled, carbon balanced and FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks – making it fully recyclable. Wella has also partnered with the Green Salon Collective, in its quest to promote salon sustainability throughout the UK. 

L'Oreal professionel 

7th November 2022

How Can Hair be Recycled and Reused?

Green Salon Collective featured in this video with one of our member salons, Nash White, explaining all the work that we do to reuse hair waste in over 10 different ways. 

Stir Pad

11 October 2022

Seaweed textiles to shoe sole doorstops, eco-friendly products redefining innovation

Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers, and eco-campaigners, Green Salon Collective has been exploring innovative ways to add value to salon hair waste. The collective works with designers, architects, researchers, and manufacturing companies to discover opportunities for the abundant yet overlooked material. The designers and the research and development team have devised a range of recycled products such as hair booms, hair mats, hair mycelium, wool alternatives, and fertilisers for gardening. 

The Times

17 September 2022

Fungi furniture, anyone? 10 things to see at London Design Festival

"The wildcard this season is a wacky architectural installation from Green Salon Collective, which offers an intriguing insight into “urban mining”, using salon hair waste as its core material. The idea is not to start reupholstering the sofa with human hair, but to reconsider the value of waste — where can we “mine” new material from next? So far, the collective has felted hair into mats to mop up oil spills in the ocean and mask storm drains in the street."


16 September 2022 

Meet the designers creating everyday objects and art from human hair 

"One of these initiatives is Green Salon Collective (GSC), which works with hairdressers across the UK and Ireland to recycle hair. GSC collaborates with manufacturers or designers (including Visser) to turn hair into new objects and products -- from hair booms (cotton or nylon tubes packed with hair cuttings used to stop oil spreading in seas and on beaches) to building materials. The latter sees GSC working with architecture and design studio Pareid on an installation also at this year's LDF, comprised of two intertwined, hair-covered columns at a salon in West London. The hair used for the project, titled "Chiaroscuro 1," is felted and applied as a surface covering."


18 July 2022 

"The Green Salon Collective (GSC) is also the perfect place to start your search for your nearest sustainable salon – just go to the store locator at and pop in your postcode. Giving you the confidence that every eco box will have been ticked, GSC accreditation comprises six steps looking at everything from a business’s energy provider, waste reduction and food and drink options to its staff policies and even its approach to diversity and the wider community"


20 July 2022 

“Recycling all these elements of salon waste is truly disruptive and taps into an area I’m sure many of us won’t have even considered in the past, says Marie Claire Sustainability Awards judge and podcaster, Gemma Styles. “Having worked in a salon previously myself, I know how much waste can be produced and how difficult it is to recycle through standard means – this could make a real difference.”


8 July 2022

"For specialist salon recycling try the Green Salon Collective. The organisation put salons through rigorous evaluations and a stringent auditing process. It works hard to advance the understanding the consequences of waste on people and the planet, develop products made from waste materials and enhance services which bring waste materials back into the loop."


23 February 2022

"Green Salon Collective have released details of their upcoming monthly events, aimed at educating both existing members and those interested in finding out more about the Collective’s work."

Click on the image to find out details of some of our upcoming events.


15 Nov 2021

"The salon industry has a lot to be proud of. Phorest has always been in awe of it. The energy. The camaraderie. The creativity. Salons play a vital role in communities. 

 Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, the typical salon is often a recycling nightmare, where most of the waste ultimately ends up in landfills. Discover Green Salon Collective's circular solutions for salon waste with co-founder and GM Fry Taylor and become a more ethical business today!"

Click on the image to listen to the Phorest FM podcast. 

Phorest FM


19 January 2022

"Hair today, recycle tomorrow?

What happens to your hair once it leaves your head and what about the chemicals?"

Click on the image to listen to the podcast on Future Net Zero.


21 Sept 2021

"How Eco-Friendly is Your Hair Salon? 

Stephanie Hodgson uncovers what happens to all that hair, foils and dye, and meets the hairdressers turned activists, Green Salon Collective."

Click on the image to read the Pebble Magazine article. 

bbc news 

30 Dec 2021

"Recycling the 'unrecyclable': How are hair salons going green?

Fry Taylor founded the Green Salon Collective which is encouraging sustainable working practices in the hairdressing industry. The collective recycles everything from bleach and dye to people’s actual hair."

Click on the image to watch the BBC video. 


17 August 2021

"Barbershops in Britain use beauty sector waste to protect the environment" 

Click on the image to watch our International news feature on YouTube. 

The Guardian 

29 May 2021

"Hair waste from salons recycled to mop up oil spills on sea shores." Click on the image to read the article.


23 August 2021

"Hairdressers are recycling hair as part of an overhaul to give salons green credentials". Click on the image to read the article. 

The One Show, BBC

15 July 2021

Behind the scenes for The One Show, showing how our recycled hair booms work to clean up oil spills. Click on the image to watch our BBC appearance on YouTube.

The One Show, BBC

15 July 2021

Click on the image to watch our BBC appearance on The One Show on YouTube. 

euronews green

6 September 2021

Euronews Green talk to some of the GSC team and members about how hair waste can be used to absorb oil spills as well as being a fantastic fertiliser. Your chemical waste can also generate electricity! Click on the image to watch the video on Instagram. 

Yahoo! News

24 July 2021

"Hair today, green tomorrow: UK stylists join eco-drive." Click on the image to read the article.

ffør x green salon collective

1 March 2021

Read FFØR's interview with Co-founder Fry Taylor about how Green Salon Collective came to be, and why GSC's recycling initiatives are aligned with the core values of FFØR. Click on the image to read the article.

The Irish Times

5 June 2021

"Make your hair green by supporting salon initiative." Click on the image to read the article. 

Express & Star

12 July 2021

"Beauty with a green ethos." Click on the image to read the article.

Age of Plastic with Andrea Fox

November 2020

Guest spot on the podcast episode: How to save the planet with your trip to the hairdressers! Click on the image to listen to the episode on Spotify.

Grow My Salon Business with Antony Whitaker

27 October 2020

Guest spot on the podcast episode: “There Is No Planet B” We Are All In This Together! Click on the image to listen to the episode.

HJ: Professional Beauty

23 September 2020

Subject of Industry News article: New Green Salon Collective now has 14 Irish members. Click on the image to read the article.

MeetthefiveRs by Stephanie Hodgson

September 2020

Subject of case study article: Green Salon Collective: Circular disposal solutions for salon waste. Click on the image to read the article.

The Irish Times

12 September 2020

Subject of article, How green is your hairdresser? It might be worth finding out. Click on the image to read the article.

Hear Me See Me

15 August 2020

Guest spot on the podcast episode: Fry Taylor: Green Salon Collective. Click on the image to listen to the episode.

Wella Professionals

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