• GSC Education Videos

    Here is everything you'll need to know to start being a GSC Member, from setting up your bins to understanding the green fee

    Watch here 
  • The Green Bible

    The Green Bible is a holistic 40 page guide, filled with tips and tricks to make your salon business more sustainable across the board

    Read Here 
  • 10+ Ways We Recycle Hair Poster

    Print & Share with your clients in the salon to highlight your sustainable initiatives and spark conversations with clients

    Download Here 
  • Setting up your Green Fees

    We have pre-made social posts about green fees, a client letter template and instructions for each software to make it easy to start charging your fee

    Everything you need 
  • Client Letter

    Download Here 
  • Press Release

    Download Here 
  • Bin Dos and Don'ts

    View Here 
  • Salon Plants E-Book

    Read here 
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