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Our Salon Waste Recycling Program has no hidden fees, contracts, monthly payments and is profitable for many of our members thanks to the Green Fee system. 

If you've already got your Green Salon Collective Starter Kitand are looking to continue your salon waste recycling journey, then you're in the right place. You can order new returns boxes below.

Going Green For Free (literally)

We're not here to take your waste and leave you to it; we're also here to help you EARN more money! Are you charging a Green Fee? If you're not sure, let's do the maths...

Green Fee's - The numbers don't lie.

Our members charge their clients a £1 Green Fee on every visit to cover the cost of their salon waste recycling, which means that you're cost-neutral at worst, or profitable at best. If you're concerned about what your clients may think, head to the Green Fee page here and hear from a fellow salon owner or hairdresser about their experience with Green Fees.

So, let's do a quick "worst-case" scenario with a full-price box.

1 Returns Box* £175 holds 350 clients' worth of waste = £221.94 (including VAT and shipping)⁠

350 clients paying a £1 green fee = £350⁠

£350 - 221.94 = £128.06

It's that simple. You'll earn over £100 on every box you send to us!

Even if 25 clients decide that they don't want to pay a £1 green fee, guess what? You'll not only hold the record for most clients not wanting to pay a green fee ever (the current record is two), but you'll also still earn over £100!

If you've got any questions or want to talk it through, give us a call on 03335776967, book a call with a GSC team member here or use the live chat in the bottom corner to speak with the team. 



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  • Returns Box Returns Box
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    Returns Box

    Our Returns Boxes hold approx. 400 clients worth of hair and metals waste, you just fill up this returns box with your salon waste recycling and then we'll come and collect it...
  • Mini Returns Box (x1)
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    Mini Returns Box (x1)

    Our Mini Freelancer Returns Boxes hold approx. 175 clients worth of hair and metals waste, you just fill up this returns box with your salon waste recycling and then we'll come and...
  • Towels Returns Box (x1) Towels Returns Box (x1)
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    Towels Returns Box (x1)

    This Returns Box is for TOWELS only, and will hold approx. 600 compostable towels. Please make sure that only clean, used towels are placed into this box. We, unfortunately, cannot accept...
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