Collection: Recycled Plastic Products

We currently live in a ‘take-make-waste’ linear society where we make materials, products and packages that we often use just once. These are usually made from virgin materials taken from the earth, like plastic which is made from crude oil. When we feel like we no longer need or want these things, we simply throw them away. 

However, we want to move towards a circular economy, where resources are endlessly reused and we no longer need to extract new materials from the planet. One way we’re looking to contribute to this, beyond our salon waste recycling programme, is by collaborating with our research partners Brothers Make and Relic to create recycled plastic products for the hair and beauty industry. 

Green Salon Collective is an industry leader in the UK for hair salon recycling, salon waste management, and salon foil recycling. Our salon waste disposal system allows you to become a more sustainable salon and stand out from the crowd. We believe that no salon waste should be going to landfill, which is why we have options for every single salon waste stream to be disposed of responsibly, from the 10 different ways that we offer for hair recycling, to our general waste to energy solution for hair salon chemical waste. Through Green Salon Collective, you can get your hairdressing salon waste bins, marketing materials and the peace of mind that you're recycling your salon waste with a trusted, B-Corp certified hairdressing waste recycling company. If you'd like to become a sustainable salon and move towards a more eco-friendly future within the hair and beauty industry, get in touch today.