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We currently live in a ‘take-make-waste’ linear society where we make materials, products and packages that we often use just once. These are usually made from virgin materials taken from the earth, like plastic which is made from crude oil. When we feel like we no longer need or want these things, we simply throw them away. 

However, we want to move towards a circular economy, where resources are endlessly reused and we no longer need to extract new materials from the planet. One way we’re looking to contribute to this, beyond our salon waste recycling programme, is by collaborating with our research partners Brothers Make and Relic to create recycled plastic products for the hair and beauty industry. 



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  • Recycled Plastic Plant Pots (Various Colours)

    These recycled plastic plant pots will look amazing in your salon, allowing you to add a pop of colour and greenery! Plants are a great way to brighten up your...
  • Recycled Plastic Shampoo Holder // Soap Dish (Various Colours)

    From £12.00
    These recycled plastic shampoo holders are perfect for holding shampoo, conditioner or soap bars. Available in packs of 5 for £8 per holder (suggested RRP £12), they're perfect for your clients...
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