Offset with integrity.

We have partnered with Eco Offset to allow  your salon or freelancing business to offset your carbon emission and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Your carbon emissions will be offset in important projects around the world, such as building clean energy supplies and restoring wildlife habitats, whilst balancing your CO2e emissions. 



Count your team

Select how many are in your team (if you are a freelancer select 1), and Eco Offset will offset your carbon footprint.


Offset in projects

Your emissions are offset in worldwide Gold Standard, VERRA and United Nations backed community, renewable energy and conservation projects.


What you receive

You will receive certificates showing that your emissions have been offset, with the information of the projects that you have supported, demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. Eco Offset will also send you their top ten tips on reducing your carbon footprint. 

Why offset?


Compensate for your emissions by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere.

Measure & Reduce

Not only do we measure your current carbon emissions, but we also apply marginal gains to achieve the maximum reduction of your climate impact. 

Support for you

Eco Offset are there to help your business do their part in tackling climate change, which can feel overwhelming when you are not sure where to start.

Your support

In turn you will be supporting renewable energy schemes such as wind, solar or hydro power plants and afforestation programmes; community projects such as clean water projects and efficient cook stoves and restoring and expanding forests.

Verified and accredited 

Be part of projects that are verified and accredited by the world's leading carbon registries: The Gold Standard, VERRA & The United Nations. 


Show your clients that you are reducing your impact on the  environment with certificates and accreditations for your  social channels and website. This will attract new clients who want to be part of this too.




Watch our video

Eco Offset founder, Chantelle, talks about how offsets are calculated, what projects you will be supporting and how best to integrate offsetting as a part of a focused plan to reduce your business' carbon emissions. 

Ready to offset? Click here to go to Eco Offset's website and buy your carbon offsets.

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