Why are we PARTNERED with so many brands?  

 When these leading companies below were looking for a waste provider, they put all potential waste companies through a stringent audit process. They inspected premises and processes. They delved into transparency and openness. They examined recycling and logistics partners. They scrutinised ethics and vision. These leading brands wanted to make sure that the company providing their waste services were doing what they say they were doing AND that their ethics and vision matched their own. 

 These rigorous evaluations led to only one conclusion >> GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE.  

 Partnering with these leading brands WAS NOT EASY. We hold our heads high for being the company to make the grade.

 And we recognise that it's important to build a greener future for our industry TOGETHER. We have the word COLLECTIVE in our name for a reason because COLLECTIVELY these brands, by working with us, ARE making the difference. 

 If you're already working with these brands, then you SHOULD consider working with GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE too. 


We are committed to giving back! That's why we support a number of charities and social enterprises that contribute to the wellbeing of both people and planet.

Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth is not a charity, as such, but a social enterprise dedicated to restoring wild ecosystems, supporting wildlife and biodiversity and helping fight climate change. 


Haircuts 4 Homeless

Haircuts4Homeless is a community-based charity  where hairdressers donate their time to give rough sleepers a confidence-boosting salon experience including wash, cut and styling. 



FoodCycle is an award-winning national charity that serves weekly, free, community meals using food that would otherwise be wasted.