Green Salon Collective is the authority figure on sustainability in the hair and beauty industry 

and we are incredibly proud of the core services we provide that enable us to maintain that position:




But we want to provide even better solutions for salon waste and to help create new knowledge 

for our industry to be the best, the absolute greenest it can be!

Let's make hair and beauty a LEADING industry in sustainability!   


     ARE WE

       GOING TO

         DO THIS??

ADVANCE knowledge 

- - - - - of the impacts of our industry's waste on people and planet

DEVELOP products 

- - - - - made from waste materials or else help combat waste

ENHANCE services 

- - - - - for our industry which bring waste materials back into the loop

Let us tell you a bit about what we are actually doing with R&D

One of our main objectives with Green Salon Collective Research and Development is to help advance knowledge around sustainability for the hair and beauty industry. We are especially interested in the impacts of hair (as well as hair types and treated hair) on water, soil and microorganisms.

Another main focus of our R&D is collaborating with other vested parties (mainly universities, researchers and product companies) as well as with professionals in the hair and beauty industry to co-develop new and unique products and services to tackle our industry's waste using principles of a circular economy.


Our members are already responsibly disposing of some or all of their waste with us.

Great work!

For those of you who want to do yet more for the environment and be more directly involved in improving our industry, we have created a list of opportunities so GSC members can choose to be a part of one of our many research and development projects.


We cannot solve the many sustainability challenges of our industry alone.

We collaborate on various research and development projects that are helping to create a circular economy within the hair and beauty industry.


We work with: 

  • researchers
  • academic institutions
  • designers
  • product companies
  • product developers
  • charity organisations

Our research partners work with us on target-focused, longer term tasks that result in the creation of new knowledge, products or services which measurably improve our industry.

See our R&D Partners 

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