I’m always looking for ways to be more sustainable, it’s easy to do in your personal life, now it’s easy to do in salon life... Green Salon Collective makes it easy, knowing that we’re working and doing our bit means the world to us... we have also gained clients who search out sustainable salons.

Susan Collins

For some time we had been aware of our carbon footprint both individually and the hair industry in general. So when we heard about Green Salon Collective, we immediately signed up. Now all of the issues and concerns we had are dealt with in one place.  We no longer send our foil, chemicals, hair and other recyclables to landfill. 


My clients love the fact my salon is a part of Green Salon Collective. They didn't realise the impact of salon waste was having on the environment and they just "assumed" it was being recycled. They feel really proud to be a part of it. It's also a real conversation starter which right now is great. They also love as do I the charities it helps and are amazed what you can do when you recycle these things like hair and foil. It's also got me new clients who are passionate about the world, too. I love being a part of it.

Elf Hair Studio

I was so delighted to hear about the green salon collective - at last a forward thinking business that helps us sharpen up our green credentials and minimise our business impact on waste and carbon footprint. As soon as we signed up, it has been a super easy process and we have already sent our first waste back to be processed. Well done Green Salon Collective - we love you!

SCOTT DUNCAN   Medusa Apothecary

Green Salon Collective has been a huge boost to our salon. Our team love talking to their guests about what their hair is being used for and that all of the tin foil in their hair can be recycled. Our guests have even recommended their friends to us not only because they love their hair but also for our environmentally friendly approach to business.  

SAM CHAPMAN    Samuel Chapman Salon

Linking up with Green Salon Collective was a key step forward for our salon Russell James. For a long time we have wanted to be part of the solution to limit our impact on the planet. Having looked at similar schemes globally, we couldn’t find anyone else with the same honest and personable approach as Green Salon Collective - It was obvious these guys were the team for us to align with. Our guests to the salon are inquisitive and interested, they value that we are taking active steps regards the wider impact of our work, and our aim to be more sustainable. Equally, guests love that it’s allowing them access to do the same as part of their daily life - even with something as simple as getting their hair done. As a team we are proud to be amongst the first members of the salon collective and keenly look out for the next developments and ideas to come out from the inspiring GSC team!”

Russell James Salon

We were among the first salons to start using Green Salon Collective because the concept fits so perfectly with our ethos! Our clients absolutely love that we are supporting this initiative. They especially like the fact that their hair is being recycled! They see that as a real positive in terms of being eco friendly. Our clients are happy to pay the £1 extra to help with the recycling costs. It can be used as a green tax on our software system and this has worked really well for us as a salon.

LIZ DUNNE   Barnet & Belle

Green Salon Collective is helping us on our mission to be a carbon-neutral salon. They supply everything and even come and collect it so the girls love how easy it is. Guests love the fact that their hair helps clean the oceans. Let’s face it I’m slightly obsessed with hair booms. It helps us reach out to environmentally conscious guests so boosts our client base  

Boss Hair

Green Salon Collective are the answer to my wishes. I’m very conscious of the hair and beauty creating waste and it’s so reassuring that there are businesses out there to help us recycle & reuse the unthinkable. Myself and my clients are amazed! So thank you!


Bloody love this Collective, Fry has a personal approach, which shows how personally vested he is in this initiative. No one where I’m from has done anything like it and we’re a green city! I see it as my responsibility as a business owner and human that creates toxic chemical waste to take ownership and make as less of an impact on my environment for the good of all.

Gypsy Rose Hair

It has been my mission to create an eco friendly and socially responsible salon. To have as little a footprint on the environment....where my personal beliefs and my business can work in harmony. The green salon collective is an incredible organisation making it so very simple for me and my team to make a difference to the world around us . Both clients and staff love the story and are very proud to be part of something positive that can really make a difference. It’s a great talking point in the salon, has reduced waste and raises consciousness. Am very proud to be a small part of something huge.

Graham West

With a considered approach to all things we do here at The Alchemist Hair and Beauty, we are delighted to use Green Salon Collective as a sustainable answer to salon waste management. It’s no surprise to us that our clients and staff are more aware of sustainability and eco-friendly solutions to recycling as we all strive for greener lifestyles. We find their service to be easy to manage, cost-effective & lovely people to work alongside. It unites the industry.

The Alchemist Hair & Beauty

Joining Green Salon Collective has been a very positive experience, and made recycling so much easier, knowing that our salon waste is not going to landfill and being recycled takes a big weight of our minds. our clients are very supportive and it’s encouraging interesting environmental discussions.

Flint Hair

As a sustainable salon we are constantly looking for more ways to make our salon & services greener and more ethical. Being part of Green Salon Collective has done this for us, my team and the clients love talking about where/what happens to the items that we recycle. How amazing that the Hair you have cut off helps Oil spills and grow food. Team Bohemia love being part of such an important movement x


The Green Salon Collective has totally changed the game for salons across the UK. It’s so important that we all work together to make sure that when we’re doing what we love, it’s not destroying the planet as a consequence. BINKS loves being apart of the Green Salon Collective and our clients really love being able to contribute to helping our oceans!

Binks Hair Studio

Such a positive experience joining Green Salon Collective. Because you can recycle everything we use for our guests journey, it makes it feel like you can really help and make a difference. Everyone’s response has been “ wow that is absolutely amazing, thank you for doing this.

Healthfield Hair & Beauty

"The response from clients has been incredible. As soon as we signed up to GSC I was sharing it on our socials and the interaction from our customers was so positive. It’s great that we have such like-minded customers, it’s amazing how many people are in support of sustainability when you offer it to them. We have added a £1 green fee to each bill, which is itemised so they can see if their receipt their contribution to the cause. The collection process is also so simple, it was collected the next day by a courier who came and swooped up my giant box of goods. So impressed. My clients love it so much, I just wish I’d joined sooner!

Blood Moon

I rebranded our entire salon to be more eco friendly and green-conscious, the plastic and PPE waste we generated since the first lockdown was astronomical and very worrying, I am a young salon owner aged 22 so this issue is particularly important for my generation to focus on, I felt our collaboration with Green Salon Collective was really inspiring and we are now working toward becoming a fully sustainable salon, guests love it and so do my team, thank you so much Green Salon Collective

Luke Robert Hair

We totally love using GSC in salon! To find a company that does exactly what we want and need has been amazing! Fry and all the team are super easy and helpful to work with! Our clients also love that we are all doing our bits for the planet! A very proud GSC salon!

Linton & Mac