Mirror Talkers


Mirror Talkers study by Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business from the University of Southampton

in collaboration with Eco Hair and Beauty and Green Salon Collective // funding from UK Research and Innovation // support from L'Oreal, Wella and Toni & Guy // research assistance from Stephanie Hodgson

The following videos show how hairdressers can talk to their clients about certain (sustainable) haircare practices. Each conversation focuses on benefits to the clients, especially as concerns condition of hair, skin and scalp. Some discuss environmental impact but these are summarised at the end of each video.


Advice about using dry shampoo, especially for camping where you don't usually have access to running water and showers. Includes advice on how to apply dry shampoo and talks about using it as a styling aide. 

Takeaway message: Using dry shampoo is convenient and can save time.



Advice to use no or less conditioner based on a survey where quite often people said that not using conditioner made no difference to their hair condition.  

Takeaway message: You might find that conditioner isn't for you or that you need to only use it occasionally.




Advice to use less shampoo especially for people who find they have dry hair. A routine involving shampooing twice (ie rinse and repeat) every day can dry it out. Shampoo can be harsh and may strip hair of its natural oils. 

Takeaway message: You don't necessarily need to shampoo your hair so often. 





Advice to blow dry hair less and instead try "rough drying" to almost dry (85-90%) and then using a brush to smooth into place. 

Takeaway message: You can save time by letting your hair mostly air dry then, if you want, finish it off with a blow dryer or other styling tool.






Advice to try leave-in conditioner, especially for people with fine hair. Some people find that using leave-in conditioner gives volume to their hair and makes it easier to style. Includes general advice for use. 

Takeaway message: You can save time, energy, water and money by using leave-in conditioner.






about the Mirror Talker study by clicking HERE

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