We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves while your pet is being groomed to perfection! If you're here, it means your pet is being groomed at an eco-pawsitive groomers.

Hi, we're Green Groomers Collective.

We collect hair and fur to reuse and recycle it in up to 10 different ways, from composting to regenerative biomanufacturing, however, we're always looking at new ways to innovate and reuse hair!

Some may say we're barking mad, but we think that no hair, fur or waste should be going to landfill! Let us explain...

Green Groomers Collective is a service that allows pet groomers to ensure that none of their waste (a.k.a your pet's fur!) goes to landfill, which reduces waste and emissions, and allows us to turn your pet's fur into useful items. 

With over 10 different ways we can use pet fur, we think we have some pretty great solutions for grooming waste!


Hair Booms

Fur can become sausage-like booms that help to clean up oil spills

Hair Mats

Fur can be felted into mats that are used to clean waterways


Fur can be composted to release nitrogen and grow plants

Potting Felt

Fur can be used as potting felt to aid water-retention and reduce pests


Fur can be used in art and architecture to rethink how we view and use waste

Wool Alternative

Fur can be spun with wool to create a plastic-free gardening twine

Got a Question? We're all ears!