We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves while you’re being treated to a bit of well-deserved YOU time!


We’re Green Salon Collective. You may have noticed our cute little logo in the mirror in front of you? That logo was put there because this hairdresser cares enough about the planet and the people on it to use our services. Let us explain!


Green Salon Collective is here to raise the standard of the hair and beauty industry by enabling freelancers in the hair and beauty industry to build more sustainable businesses for gorgeous clients like YOU!

Turning waste in bins, to meaningful wins!

We make it possible for salons to ethically dispose of their waste such as hair clippings and contaminated hair foil. We take all the things that are not typically recycled and make sure that THEY ARE! 

And we think we have some pretty great solutions for hairdresser waste!


WE TURN hair clippings into hair booms for cleaning up oil spills


WE TURN aluminium hair foil into hair cuts for rough sleepers


WE TURN plastic waste into hair combs and mixing bowls


WE TURN nitrogen-rich hair into compost for growing plants


WE TURN metals colour tubes into community meals for vulnerable people


WE TURN our Returns Boxes into ecosystem restoration projects

Most sustainable alternatives come with a hefty price tag but we didn’t want that to stop freelance hairdressers from making the ethical choice. It's important to us that the decision is an easy one which is why we have come up with the Green Fee.

Rather than putting the burden of paying for the ethical disposal of all the waste that typically comes with hairdressing services on the freelancer alone, we believe it is fair to help spread that cost and share it with the people receiving the services in the first place.

Be confident that your Green Fee is being put to good use. 

It’s doing more than just keeping useful material out of landfill. It’s enriching our soils. It’s protecting our waterways. It’s supporting vulnerable people in your community. It’s creating and sustaining meaningful jobs. And it’s enabling an entire industry to come together and stand up for a better future for us all!

You work hard for your money. Why not spend it where it can make a real difference?

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our recycling services as well as our education and accreditation programmes.

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