Let's end Colour Waste.

Before looking for ethical ways to dispose of your salon’s chemicals, it may be a good idea to consider whether there is anything your team can do to minimise what is wasted to begin with.

WHY SmartMix?


It's easy

There is no need to change brands, but we need to adjust the way you (& your team) mix colour; thankfully, it's straightforward & hassle-free.  


Protect nature

Salon chemicals (this applies for any brand) can be incredibly problematic for both people and the environment so it is important to make sure we keep them away from our water systems.


Save money

But, I don't waste colour!? Of course, you don't waste colour; however, on average, a stylist will not use 20% of all colour they ever mix up. 

Tell me more

Paying too much

Incorrect billing causes lost earnings; the member portal translates grams of colour weighed into £'s. 

Correct amounts

SmartMix gives a stylist a recommended amount of colour to mix. 

Stay in control

The reporting feature gives salon managers accurate to-the-gram totals used.


Free education and an online training academy means you can learn the system whenever you want.


Makes ordering colour fast and stress free.

Colourist designed

This tool is made by hairdressers, for hairdressers. 




Watch our video

SmartMix founder, Victoria, walks you through using this incredible app and the many ways it can help you to prevent colour waste. 

Did we mention that Green Salon Collective members get two months for freeClick here to book a free ten min demo.

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