Launching The Water Fund: Your Salon Recycling Helps Keep Waterways Clear

Launching The Water Fund: Your Salon Recycling Helps Keep Waterways Clear

Launching The Water Fund: Your Salon Recycling Helps Keep Waterways Clear

Green Salon Collective, a salon recycling company who offers UK and Irish hairdressing businesses a profitable and sustainable way to recycle their hair and metals waste, is taking bold steps to ensure that our members and our own impact is positive. This World Water Day, we're thrilled to announce The Water Fund.

At the heart of The Water Fund lies a simple yet powerful idea: the recycling efforts of salons can be leveraged to support a range of charitable organisations dedicated to preserving our waterways and oceans. Every piece of metal recycled through participating salons contributes towards this noble cause, generating profits that are channelled towards organisations such as Sea Shepherd, Plastic Banks, and Surfers Against Sewage. 

When our members by their GSC returns box, they're also contributing to The Water Fund (and other charity partner, Haircuts 4 Homeless).Giving GSC members the knowledge that they're also contributing to clean ocean projects and initiatives aimed at combating plastic pollution. By transforming what would otherwise be waste into a valuable resource, salons not only reduce their ecological footprint but also actively support the vital work of organisations striving to protect our marine ecosystems.

At Green Salon Collective, the commitment to keeping rubbish out of waterways and landfills is not just a slogan; it's a driving force behind every initiative undertaken. By harnessing the collective power of salons across the country, GSC aims to make a difference in the preservation of our precious natural resources. 

As consumers, we have the power to support businesses that prioritise environmental sustainability and social responsibility. By choosing to visit salons that are recycling their hair, foil and colour tubes and so supporting initiatives like The Water Fund, you can contribute directly to the preservation of our planet. Together, we can turn the tide on plastic waste and pollution, and ensure a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come.

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