Circular Economy for Plastics campaign

Circular Economy for Plastics campaign

We are proud to announce our campaign to create a true circular economy for plastics in the hair and beauty industry: Circular Economy for Plastics (CE4P). 

Green Salon Collective collects plastic waste for local recycling but currently this is being sent to our recycling partners at First Mile. There it is sorted and then processed to make into new products like food and drink containers or even fabric and carpet. We are now looking to give smaller, niche recycling businesses the opportunity to use some of that plastic to create unique products for the hair and beauty industry. So far we’ve got three artisanal recycling workspaces who are keen to partner with us for this campaign.

Brothers Make in Bournemouth (@brothersmake)

Relic Plastic in Lancaster (@relicplastic)

vanPlestik in Amsterdam (@vanplestik)

And we’re not going to just create any old junk but instead tools and products that you, the professionals of this industry, want to see made. We want our hairdressers and barbers, salons and barbershops, co-working spaces and freelancers to work with us to bring 100% recycled, 100% local, 100% closed loop products to market.

And why would you want to do this? Well, beyond that warm gooey feeling from doing something good for the world, we want to reward those who help us on that journey. We’ve worked in several benefits from collaborating with us on our CE4P campaign.

Here’s our offer (GSC members only!):

Do you have a solid idea for a recycled plastic product for the hair and beauty industry? We will work with GSC members with the most promising ideas to refine into a workable design which we will then bring to one of our partner recyclers for prototyping. We will then commission the production of a limited series of each product which will be attributed to the relevant GSC members and sold on our website with any profits being donated to member-selected charities. 

Those members will also get to keep one item from the limited series which will be accompanied by QR code stickers and digital marketing packages. Also their business and product will be showcased on all of our social media channels.

If we find that there is real interest in any of the limited series, we will then consider bringing those products to market more permanently. If this happens, we will give credit to the GSC members whose ideas led to the designs. We will also honour their chosen charities with continued financial support from any profits earned.

To submit your ideas, email Stephanie at

Be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Your location
  • Your product idea (be as detailed as possible)
  • Your selected charity (and why)
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