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Mirror Talkers - Downloadable Stickers (Print Yourself)


Want to promote more sustainable haircare to your clients, upsell products like dry shampoo or leave-in conditioner and reduce your environmental impacts at home and in salon? Try Mirror Talkers! 

This pack contains x12 Eco Tip stickers that you can download, print yourself and place on your mirror to spark conversations with clients, each with a QR code that leads to more information on our website. The pack of x12 stickers contains a mixture of pink and B&W coloured stickers. Something to suit any salon!

If you're looking for pre-printed, physical stickers then you can buy those for £1.50 here. 

You can learn more about each tip, and access staff training videos to confidently tackle conversations around sustainable hair care by clicking here

Why Mirror Talkers?

‘Mirror Talkers’ is the brainchild of Green Salon Collective and Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business University of Southampton, and looks at the effectiveness of displaying small messages on salon mirrors (hence, mirror talkers), to engage clients in conversations around sustainable haircare.

The study found that the employment of mirror talkers can support more sustainable use of water and energy in salons and can also boost sales of waterand energy-saving products, such as leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo.

After a year-long study involving 30 salons, we're pleased to offer Mirror Talkers to any salon interested in sustainable haircare. Here's what our pilot salons and clients had to say...

  • 73% of clients said it was VERY LIKELY or LIKELY that they would change their haircare routines
  • Nearly ALL clients seemed to enjoy the conversations and/or learn something from them
  • 60% of hairdressers and salon owners said they felt ‘confident’ and ‘fine’ about having the ‘Mirror Talkers’ 

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