Holistic Sustainability

As business owners, there are lots of different elements that come into play when thinking about sustainability more broadly, which our blog series 'Holistic Sustainability' aims to cover. Thinking about wider issues and not just salon waste, we cover things like energy and ethical finances. Scroll down to learn more...

How to be an energy-wise business

By looking at your salon's energy usage, you can save money and reduce your environmental impact. Simple switches include changing to a renewable energy company, using LED lightbulbs and ensuring that appliances are turned off when not in use. 

How to be a water-wise business

Reducing your water usage can have a big impact on your water bill and the amount of water that's wasted! In a salon, utilizing water-saving shower heads can make a big difference, as can wider changes like only shampooing once and using warm water rather than hot. Make sure you're also only sending safe products down the drain and not toxic chemicals!

Diversity and Inclusivity in the hairdressing industry

The Afro Hair industry is worth £88 million and black women spend three times more than white women on hair care, so it is curious why most hairdressers and salons would miss out on this opportunity. Why not train their staff to more fully understand all kinds of hair textures? Why not also challenge current curriculums to help students better understand all their potential customers? Why not hire more diverse staff to match the times we are living in? 

Guest author, designer Alix Bizet, discusses the above and more in a blog post about diversity in hairdressing and attitudes towards Afro hair.

How to be an ethical, money-wise business

As businesses, hair salons are in a great position to make a bigger difference through their financial decisions. Many banks invest in harmful practices like fossil fuels and Make My Money Matter conducted research which found that switching your pension to a more sustainable option is 21 times more powerful than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy providers combined!  

This guest post, written by Raechel Kelly, explores the more ethical and sustainable options that salons have when dealing with their finances. 

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