Where does your salon waste go?

We're Green Salon Collective, a leading salon recycling service used by 1000s of UK stylists to recycle the unrecyclable.

 Our members stand out from the crowd, gain new clients, and generate income by being hairdressers who say NO to landfill. 

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We Recycle Hair in 10+ Ways

Hair Booms

Hair adsorbs oil and pollutants, even in water. We've used waste salon hair in this way to clean up oil spills and polluted rivers across the UK and Ireland. 

Gardening & Composting

Hair is rich in Nitrogen, making it an ideal fertiliser for local and industrial composting, our composters turn hair into compost for British Agriculture. 


In collaboration with Biohm, waste human hair was combined with their binding 'Orb' to create a particle-board like material, as well as being used to grow mycelium.