5 Ways to Reduce Your Salon's Chemical Waste

5 Ways to Reduce Your Salon's Chemical Waste

Here are five top tips to reduce your salon's chemical waste and prevent it from going to landfill, or down the drain!

  1. Do a chemical waste audit: The first step in reducing chemical waste in your salon is to see how much you're wasting! This can help illustrate to yourself and your employees the environmental and financial cost of chemical waste in your hairdressing salon, and motivate everyone to work on reducing it. 
  2. Implement Precise Measurement Techniques: One common source of chemical waste in salons is the overuse of products during treatments. Train your staff to use precise measurement techniques to ensure they are only using the amount of product necessary for each client, you could even use a system like SmartMix!
  3. Get creative with colour: By offering a service that will grow out better, you can elongate the time between clients needing their hair coloured. This means that you and your clients are exposed to less chemicals, and less chemicals are needed overall. 
  4. Don't over mix! This is a very common cause of chemical waste, and comes from overmixing. Did you know that 25% of salon chemicals are wasted annually? Mix less and add to it later, or use a technology like SmartMix to get an accurate, waste saving formulas.
  5. Use high quality products: Investing in high quality products can mean that you don't need as much colour to get the performance you want.

    By implementing these five strategies, salon owners and professionals can significantly reduce the amount of chemical waste generated in their establishments. Not only will these efforts benefit the environment, but they can also contribute to cost savings and enhance the reputation of your salon as a socially responsible business. Together, we can work towards creating a more sustainable future for the beauty industry.

    To discover more health and safety findings, and tips klreducing chemical waste, you can read our chemicals in hairdressing report here.

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