Go Green for 2023 by Recycling your Hair Salon's Waste

Go Green for 2023 by Recycling your Hair Salon's Waste

Looking for a way to make your hair salon more sustainable in 2023? Why not make it your new year's resolution to recycle your salon waste, including hair, metals and more! We use hair to clean up oil spills. We generate clean energy using discarded PPE. We even compost your salon towels. 

Here are all the ways that you can make your hair salon more eco-friendly in 2023...

Recycle the Unrecyclable: Hair and Metals

There are many ways to recycle hair including making hair booms and hair mats as well as using it for gardening and composting. By recycling with Green Salon Collective, you can recycle all your salon's waste hair and contribute to the circular economy. With Green Salon Collective, you can also recycle all hair salon metals like colour tubes, foil and product cans, which aren't usually accepted in your council recycling. No washing required, just pop them in your bin as it!

Get started with a hair and metals starter kit, here. 

10 ways to recycle hair waste

Reduce your water and energy consumption, sustainable and economical

If you're already recycling and are looking for ways to take your salon to the next sustainable level, why not read some of our other blog posts about how you can make your salon more energy-wise, water-wise and reduce consumption of other resources, like plastic...

Dispose of hair salon chemicals responsibly

By putting hair salon chemicals down the drain or in your general waste bin, you're exposing our waterways and landfills to toxic and harmful chemicals that can cause damage to human health as well as the environment. At GSC, we offer a way to responsibly dispose of your hair salon chemicals! Our General Waste to Energy service ensures that none of your chemical waste (or other un-recyclables!) go to landfill, and are instead burnt for energy for the national grid. 

Why not read our article How to reduce, reassess and responsibly dispose of chemical waste in your salon to learn more?

Learn more about our General Waste to Energy service & buy here. 

Compost your salon towels, and make sure you're using them as sustainably as you could be

 If you're using Easydry or Scrummi towels, make sure you're composting them with Green Salon Collective! Unfortunately, even towels that are certified compostable might not break down in landfill due to the conditions not being what's required. We can compost all uncontaminated salon towels, but any towels with colour or bleach on them can be responsibly disposed of with the General Waste to Energy Service mentioned above.

Want to learn more about Green Salon Collective, call us on 0333 577 6967 or email us hello@greensaloncollective for more information!

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