Recycling services



Our goal is always to create a circular economy when disposing of hairdressing waste streams.

We are incredibly excited to now offer our members a way to responsibly dispose of their disposable salon towels. We currently work with the leaders in the feilo, Eco Towels, Easy Dry and Inki Towels to close the loop on their product.



But my towels are 'sustainable'

Well, sort of. 

Even when disposable towels are certified biodegradable or even compostable, it does NOT mean that this is what will happen to them in landfill.

When you throw your used disposable towels away, they can sit buried in landfill for years. And years. And years.

We need to make sure that these things get composted properly! Why else would these brands go through all the trouble if we're not even going to make them into compost??

Please don't throw away your compostable towels!



Composting is useful and easy to set up in all gardens. Only in the very smallest gardens will it be difficult to find space for a compost heap.

HOWEVER if you use as many towels as us hairdressers do, you will soon run out of room, no matter how big your garden is!

Although some councils offer green waste collections, unfortunately, they don't take towels. The good news is: we do!

​ If you are a member of GSC you can buy an extra bin for your towels and start collecting them right away. We have special towels only return boxes for when your towel bin is getting full. 

Each box will fit between 500-600 compostable towels. 

Please make sure that only clean used towels are placed into this box. Sadly, we cannot accept dirty towels that are covered in excess colour. These must be disposed of with your general waste.



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