Welcome to true salon sustainability! 

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Separation is the key

Cost-neutral pricing.

On average the total cost is £1 or €1 per client (which you add to your client's bill).

We can integrate with most salon software, so when an invoice is generated, a “Green Fee” is automatically added to cover the cost of our program.


Join us

To join you need a one time only registration kit. Each kit comes with bins, bin bags, marketing tools and a listing on the salon locator. Simply pick a registration kit that suits your salon needs.


Pay as you go

You can buy a pre-paid return box now or come back when you need one. Use those saved up "green fees" to fund the cost of your return box.   

What next?

When your kit arrives, fill your bin bags with hair, metal, plastic etc. When you have a few bags, stuff those bags in the pre-paid return boxes.

When your box is full, let us know and we'll collect it the following day.

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If you have any questions we are here to help 0333 577 6967