Welcome to salon sustainability! 

UK & Ireland

This page has everything you need to start your salon's journey to sustainability. 

We currently recycle all hair types, used colour tubes, dirty foil and metal styling cans. We will soon move on to colour & bleach, plastics and paper.  

Step 1 - One-off registration

Step 2 - Buy a box

Step 3 - Recycle

Cost neutral pricing.

On average the total cost is £1 or €1 per client (which you add to your client's bill).

We can integrate with most salon software, so when an invoice is generated, a “Green Fee” is automatically added to cover the cost of our program. 


If this is your first time here, you will need to add a registration kit to your basket. You can add Hair, Metal or Hair & Metal.

Next, add a pre-paid post back box to your basket.   

Lastly - Checkout your cart.

If you get stuck or have questions we are here to help - Call 07922429357

Registration kit.

With the registration kit, you will receive everything you need, from mirror stickers, window sticker, leaflets and the in-salon bin (or bins). We'll also add you to our salon locator. The prices are in pounds, it will convert to euro at check out if you are in Ireland.


Pre-paid returns boxes.

You need these boxes to send us your bags of hair or metals. You don't need them from the start but it is good to have a spare ready to go. Start charging your clients a "green fee" to offset the cost. Once you have saved enough "green fees" come back here and order a box.

Now your journey to salon sustainability begins!

Simply fill your bins with hair or metal and then stuff your boxes and we will arrange for them to be collected and recycled! 

When your box is ready to be collected just let us know. 

Remember 100% of all profits from recycling your hair & metals go to charity.