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Freelancer STARTER KIT (hair, metal) with Returns Box


Recycle your hair and metal waste with Green Salon Collective. This freelancer starter kit contains your bins, bin bags, marketing stickers and your first returns box.

The returns box holds approx. 175 clients worth of waste.

Step 1: Buy your starter kit and get ready to recycle!

Step 2: Start charging a small, optional, £1 Green Fee to your clients to cover your recycling costs and promote your sustainable initiatives within the salon.

We recycle your waste hair in over 10 different ways, and any profit made from selling recycled aluminum goes to charity. We provide marketing and social media content to help communicate this with your clients.

Step 3: Collect your hair and metals waste separately, until your returns box is filled to the brim. Once its full you can request a collection here.

Step 4: Order a new returns box and keep the recycling going! 

This Kit Includes:

Mini hair bin.

Mini metal bin.

The Green Bible.

Window sticker (see below).

Hair mirror stickers.

Metal mirror stickers.

Recycled Plastic Bin bags x5. 

Listed on the salon locator.

Pre Paid Freelancer Returns Box.

- - -

Window sticker: “A proud member of GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE: We recycle the unrecyclable”


If you'd rather use your own bins, just enter the code "No Bins" at the checkout and you'll get 30% off the cost and no bins. 


All you need to do to join us is purchase a registration kit.

You don't have to buy a returns box up front. You can start saving your "green fees" and come back for a Return Box when you're ready. 

Please reach out if you need help with this item:

(+44) 0333 577 6967

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