Recycling services


Our goal here is simple: Keep plastic away from landfills

We manufacture something that is near indestructible but often employ it to be used just once. Once! 

On top of that, separation and sorting have become minefields. This is because there are so many types of plastic which is often mixed with or physically attached to other types of material.

ALL plastics get recycled!

When salons and other businesses in the hair and beauty industry use Green Salon Collective to dispose of their plastic waste they can be assured that all seven types will be recycled. 

We have handle the tedious task of sorting these plastics, most of which are product bottles, coffee cup lids, carrier bags and PPE. 

There are some plastics, however, that cannot be recycled for any number of reasons but this material will be used to generate energy and not be sent to landfill. 

 We also work with experts to ensure that each type of plastic becomes a useful material for other processes, some of which involves creating salon products like combs and colour bowls (see below). Though GSC currently enables salons to close the loop on their plastic waste, its future objective is to find industry-specific closed loop solutions for each plastic type it handles.

(some of) our circular solutions

Singular Mars

We have collaborated with Singular Mars which manufacturers Precious Plastic machines for local recycling businesses. This Surrey-based business now does some recycling of its own! They transform plastic waste from our members into colour bowls. These will soon be available for purchase in our shop and, as usual, all profits will go to charity. 


We are looking to supply plastic waste from our salon members to make, you guessed it, combs! This is still in the works so we promise to keep you posted once it happens!

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