What Can Green Salon Collective Bring to Your Business?

What Can Green Salon Collective Bring to Your Business?

Green Salon Collective brings a sustainable edge that puts you above the rest! With clients looking for more sustainable products and services, your salon can become a leading sustainable hair salon in your area. If you want to be a more sustainable salon but are worried about costs or if your clients will get on board...keep reading!

Extra Revenue and Clients

Green Salon Collective is cost-neutral or profitable for our salons that charge a Green Fee, meaning you’re not losing anything by recycling your hair salon waste with us. 

Let’s do the maths…

1 full size, full price Returns Box (20% discount with our Loyalty Scheme) £175 holds 350 clients' worth of waste = £221.94 (including VAT and shipping)⁠ 

350 clients paying a £1 green fee = £350⁠

£350 - 221.94 = £128.06

It's that simple. You'll earn over £100 on every box you send to us!

Consumers Want Sustainable Options!

As consumers become more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, they are increasingly seeking out businesses that share their values. By implementing Green Salon Collective and following our guidance, you can tap into this growing market of environmentally conscious consumers and increase sales.

Incorporating sustainable practices into your hair salon operations can help to differentiate you from the competition and set you apart in a crowded marketplace. This can make your salon stand out and attract new customers, as well as retain existing ones. 

Additionally, as environmental consciousness continues to grow, the market for sustainable products and services is expected to expand, providing the salon with significant revenue opportunities.

The Bonuses:

Gaining Clients: Salon gain on average 3 New Clients within the first 2 months after joining GSC! That’s 3 new upsell opportunities too, with clients who are interested in most sustainable services and products. 

Retaining Clients: You’re retaining 3 clients who potentially could leave for another GSC salon in your area 

PR & Media Coverage: With our free Press Release template you can reach out to local newspapers to gain exposure within the local community. This boosts your profile and promotes going green!

Reduced Commercial Costs: You’ll save money on your previous waste costs by reducing the amount of hair and metals being sent to landfill / General Waste!

Want to find out more? Drop us an email on hello@greensaloncollective.com or sign up to receive a FREE copy of the Green Bible here, a 40 page guide to becoming a holistically sustainable salon.

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