Anouska Samms - Using red and auburn hair in ceramics and textiles

Anouska Samms - Using red and auburn hair in ceramics and textiles

Anouska Samms, a visionary artist, defies convention by seamlessly blending synthetic, real, dyed, and undyed hair with the malleable nature of ceramics.

Through an intricate process involving sewing machines and coiling, Samms crafts ceramic-inspired vessels adorned with elaborate patterns. In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of Samms' artistic practice, exploring the amalgamation of intuition, resourcefulness, and a touch of humor that defines her unique approach.

Mini Me

Mini Me, image by @benjaminswansonstill

At the core of Samms' work lies a deeply personal narrative that transcends generations. Unearthing a familial tradition of dyeing hair red, the artist explores the unconscious yet unquestioned rituals passed down through her maternal lineage. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Samms weaves together strands of hair, creating intricate patterns that reflect the interconnectedness of generations. The resulting sculptures become a playful examination of the humorous, loving, and even obsessive traits that define intergenerational connections.

Samms' creative process involves a delicate dance between intuition and experimentation. From bleaching and dyeing donated hair to tying it into bunches, every step is a manifestation of her artistic vision. The hair, transformed into various shades of auburn, finds its place on ceramic vessels or forms larger tapestries like the awe-inspiring 'Big Mother.' 

Big Mother

Big Mother, image by

The use of disembodied human hair introduces an element of potential disgust and bodily horror in Samms' work. Yet, this deliberate choice serves as a humorous commentary on the purity and absurdity of mother-daughter exchanges. Through the juxtaposition of unconventional materials, Samms invites viewers to question societal norms, challenging preconceived notions of beauty and repulsion.

Are you a hair salon that wants to get involved in Anouska's work? Get in touch at to arrange sending red/auburn hair!

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