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  • Freelancer STARTER KIT (hair, metal) with Returns Box hair, metal, chemicals STARTER KIT
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    Freelancer STARTER KIT (hair, metal) with Returns Box

    You will receive: Mini hair bin. Mini metal bin. The Green Bible. Window sticker (see below). Hair mirror stickers. Metal mirror stickers. Recycled Plastic Bin bags.  Listed on the salon...
  • Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100) Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100)
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    Green Fingers Compostable Gloves (x100)

    100 one-size-fits-all compostable gloves   100% Plant-based gloves   100% Plastic free 100% Compostable  100% Cool   13 pence per glove.    These are a loose fit glove, great for colour...
  • GSC Marketing Stickers (selection)

    From £5.00
    Chose the stickers that you need to help us reduce waste! Whether you need extra marketing stickers, or have a few hair and metal bins - we want to make...
  • GSC Merch (T-Shirts, Sweater)

    From £12.00
    All made from  GOTS certified organic cotton, Peta certified vegan, Fairwear accredited for good working conditions and as you can see, cool af.   Sweater: Grey sweater sleeve, regular fit, genderless black tee...
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