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ECOHEADS Shower Head


ECOHEADS shower head

As the greenest shower head available, it outperforms regular shower heads by conserving an impressive 65% of water. With an average daily output of 600 litres per basin, this innovative showerhead saves up to 390 litres of water each day.

The ECOHEADS shower head doubles the water pressure, making colour rinsing time a remarkable THREE times faster. 

ECOHEADS shower head softens the water, providing your guests with a truly enhanced and indulgent basin experience. Say goodbye to harsh, uninviting water streams and hello to a more soothing and luxurious showering sensation.

Additionally, the ECOHEADS shower head goes the extra mile to ensure water purity. It efficiently removes sediment, dirt, chlorine, bacteria, and other pathogens, resulting in better outcomes with minimal effort. Cleaner water means a healthier and more enjoyable showering experience for everyone.

Embrace sustainability without compromising on performance. Upgrade to the ECOHEADS shower head and discover a greener, more invigorating, and cleaner way to shower. Your guests and the planet will thank you for it.

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