The Green Salon Collective Accreditation 2021 is a salon kitemark that demonstrates to clients, staff and the wider industry that your salon goes above and beyond when it comes to looking after people and planet. 

Customers are increasingly looking for easy ways to differentiate environmentally and socially conscious businesses from ‘the rest’, the accreditation shows you are serious when it comes to sustainable salon experiences.


Our accreditation process is a stringent one, we don’t give it away to everyone who buys it. Salons must fill out a questionnaire online that covers everything from energy providers to recycling, social impact, salon choices and supply chains.


The questions are then followed up by a short session with sustainability consultancy The Liminality to check the progress salons have made so far.  Only salons who pass the 80% mark will be given the award.


We know all salons are different and businesses are at different points on the journey towards sustainability, this is the advantage of having both a questionnaire and human approach. If you’re not quite
there yet but have meaningful plans in place, or if there are valid reasons why you can’t achieve something, perhaps a stubbornly unsustainable landlord, we are happy to provide help and advice along the way.


80% pass rate on activities including renewable energy provider, waste reduction, energy efficiency measures, staff policies, staff tools, food & drinks, PPE, banking etc

To prepare:
The questionnaire should only take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete, provided you have a good knowledge of your business and suppliers. If you would like more information or have specific questions please call us on 0333 577 6967


If you meet the criteria you will receive;

Prime position on the salon locator.

Accreditation Window Sticker. 



Green Salon Collective Accreditation 2021