1 Freelancer Mini Pre-Paid Return Boxes.


These boxes will each fit up to 175 clients worth of hair or slightly less in used foil and empty colour tubes into each box.


Includes A Planted Tree

We don't like using cardboard but sometimes we have to. To make up for it we will plant a tree with this purchase. 



62 cm high, 34 cm wide & 39 cm deep.
Come flat packed.


Once the box is full of bags of metal/hair, let us know and we will arrange collection. 


Remember to add a £1 or €1 Green Salon fee to every client bill, to cover your costs. 


All hair will go towards Oil Spill Projects with Hair Booms - Hair Mat's & Gardening - Composting Programs. 

All used foil and colour tubes are 100% recycled and turned into new aluminium products! 


All profits and proceeds from your waste help fund Foodcycle - Haircuts 4 the Homeless - The Hair & Beauty Charity & Tree planting. 

Freelancer Mini Pre-Paid Return Box

  • These can only be bought if you have at any one time purchased a registration kit. 

    Simply fill this box with bags of hair or metals and let us know when it is full.