Why Green Salon Collective

We all love many aspects of our hair and beauty industry but we also know it has an ugly side too. We freely pour toxic hair colour down the sink, throw out used foils and colour tubes in the regular bin given they mostly can't be recycled, we use more plastic and paper than most other shops on the high street and we even throw valuable hair cuttings into the bin.

We are here to change this.

With our recycling system, we can recycle almost every single piece of "rubbish" and turn it into something new.

We reward the salon, stylist, local communities, charities and of course Mumma Earth.

The salon

We are on a journey to zero salon waste, rediverting everything away from landfill and sending it to be recycled. We offer various packages depending on just how sustainable you need or want to be.

We recycle, hair, chemicals, metals, plastics, paper, e-waste, organic and much more..


We recycle our profits too.

Check out the growing list of charities who each receive a share of our profits.

The hair and beauty charity


Haircuts 4 Homeless

Tree Planting

Mumma Earth

We hope the benefits here are obvious, but in case they aren't, we reward the planet by diverting dangerous excess hair colour from our waterways, preventing all plastics in going to landfill, and the same goes for hair, paper, e-waste, organic waste and much more!

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