(Not So) Fantastic Plastic

For those of us who have ever worked in a salon, we know all too well just how much plastic usage goes on. Even salons that are considered "eco" or "sustainable" still get through a lot of plastic. Whether it's the shampoo, styling or developer bottles, the gloves, meche or even the lunch wrappers, it's safe to say that salons attract a lot of plastic.

There are so many "facts" floating around on social media, we thought we'd share some actual facts with you from those in the know: The EIA & The World Counts.

In the 45 minutes of the average hairdresser appointment, 45 truckloads of plastic will go into the ocean. The organisation, The World Counts tells us that "One garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans every single minute. By 2030, it will be two trucks per minute and by 2050, four. At this point, there could be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans."

The EIA tells us that each stage of plastic is a contributor to further environmental damage from when it is produced to when it is discarded, and these plastics are some of the most serious emerging threats to ocean ecosystems.

Each year, at least 8 tonnes of plastic enter the ocean which is then eaten by or entangles at least 800 different species of marine life wiping-out hundreds of thousands of animals.

As a salon, it is difficult to function without some form of plastic but we can certainly make some small changes to help.

We can switch from meche to foil, we can start encouraging staff to use reusable coffee cups and lunch boxes and even offer our clients refill options on retail items too.

Another thing we can all cut out is single use plastic bags. This counter shows the amount of plastic bags that have been produced just in 2020.

To end on a lighter note, watch the video below on someone who has kicked their plastic bag habit.