NATULIQUE & Green Salon Collective


"We have a shared personal and professional vision for a more ethical, sustainable environment. Green Salon Collective completes the cycle of our vision by recycling in an ethical sustainable way. The NATULIQUE UK training on salon sustainability includes our strong recommendation for the use of the services provided by Green Salon Collective".

"At NATULIQUE we work from a simple vision that demands the safest and cleanest possible ingredients in our professional colour and haircare range. We are rooted in Denmark, Scandinavia, the world’s most forward-thinking country within the environmental preservation and organic movement. Driven by green energy, the sustainable production focuses on health, animal welfare and fewer chemicals in products. Denmark has strict environmental requirements that make up the foundation of a progressive stance shared by NATULIQUE".

"It is not enough to be natural – it also has to work!"

"At NATULIQUE, we work from a simple standpoint; to use as many certified organic ingredients in all of our hair care and colours, and provide the professional hair colour industry with a safer and more sustainable alternative, with fewer chemicals and better functionality

  • Remove smelly fumes from your salon (100% Ammonia Free)

  • Be sure your products are NOT tested on animals (Cruelty-Free)

  • 100% Grey Hair Coverage

  • 100% Fade Resistant

  • Deliver vibrant and shiny results, every time

  • Offer colours with 98.02% ingredients derived from natural sources

  • Order according to your needs

  • … and grow your clientele, organically

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