Eco Towels: Biodegradable disposable towels

Meet Matt, he's the founder of Eco Towels and one of the first salon owners to join Green Salon Collective.

To get your hands (or should that be heads?) on some FREE Eco Towels and to learn more about Matt keep reading...

How would your team describe you? A soft-touch

Why did you set up Eco towels? As a hairdresser I wanted to explore better ways of doing things, reducing our impact and saving the planet.

What is an Eco towel? It's a non-woven biodegradable disposable alternative to a traditional cotton towel.

How absorbent are they? They can absorb 7 times their weight - this is what confuses people when they first start using it...

Can I throw EcoTowels in the general waste?

Yes, you can, and they will degrade over 4-6 months in a landfill that has the right environmental conditions - of course, we would prefer it if you reuse our towels.

What are EcoTowels made of?

Eco Towels are made from wood pulp & natural viscose fibre, there are no plastics, toxins or chemicals in our towels.

What is your favourite "eco" product that isn't a hairdressing product? I'm struggling with this -- my bicycle does that count? I don't really buy things... Only fruit and plants!

Who is your "eco-hero"? At the moment, Green salon collective -- ha ha -- I just love that you are trying to clean up my dirty industry.

What's the best or worst environmental statistic you've seen recently?

Best : The world starting to heal itself during COVID-19 -- Worst : Other than the sea pollution -- I'm not sure our councils are recycling the waste we segregate at home...

How can I get some free towels to try?

Follow this link to the sample pack section and enter this code "GREENSALONCOLL" and your complimentary towles will be sent for free.