Ky Wilson: Green Libertine

For us, a "Green Libertine" is someone who doesn't follow the conventional rules of life, someone who stands up for what they believe in, who isn't afraid of the unknown, is creating something new or leading the way.

Our Green Libertines will be joining us in creating a new direction for our industry, helping us lead the way towards changing our industry for the better.

We are thrilled to have Ky as our first Green Libertine because he embodies the values and goals that we share at Green Salon Collective, which is to create a "new norm", lead the way and bring positive, sustainable changes.

Who is Ky?

Ky is a multi-nominated and awarding winning free-thinking young hair guru based in London, but hails from the mean streets of the Kendal, in the Lake District.

He's also the creator of, The Social.

The Social is at the forefront of changing how the hair industry thinks. Creating a global lifestyle studio in a truly collaborative fashion, based in London and encouraging the flexible work ethos of the “freelancer” community. We embrace your sporadic movements and let you take control of your own time and money, whilst naturally supporting your self-development and getting you involved with insane industry opportunities.

Ky runs the unique warehouse space in East London. This is a versatile space for freelance hairstylists, barbers, mua’s and nail tech's, educational workshops, brand product launches, filming, photography or events.

The studio is in a building used by many other creative individuals, which gives it an artistic and energetic atmosphere.

More recently, Ky has been working on @herbalismforhair that he will be co-launching this exciting project soon.

We are going to catch up with Ky for a full Q&A when Herbalism For Hair is ready to go, so watch this space!

In the meantime, raise your recycled glass and welcome Ky to the team!