Can used hairdressing foil be recycled?

It's an age-old question: can used hairdressing foil be recycled?

With Green Salon Collective, the answer is HELL YEAH!

Research from Eco Hair & Beauty shows that UK hairdressers only recycle a frightening/shocking/pathetic amount of foil, 1% gets recycled. It's not just used foil, it's all salon metals that are being sent to landfill. Your hairspray cans and many styling products are likely to be made from metal, colour tubes are metal and even the can of Pepsi you had at lunch should be recycled too.

A major issue for many council collections is that your foils are too dirty and contaminated, but for us, the dirtier the better as every foil with excess colour on it is colour that is not going down the sink. So give us your dirtiest foil!

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