Denmark re-open businesses causing a booking system meltdown.

Haircuts don't get much worse than the one on the UK prime minister and when the floppy-haired leader allows businesses to reopen, will you be ready?

In Denmark, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen just announced that some businesses and schools were allowed to re-open.

Mette Frederiksen said, “No one wants to keep Denmark shut one day longer than is absolutely necessary, but we can’t proceed so fast that we’re unable to keep the epidemic under control.”

Many businesses including driving schools, dental practices and tattoo parlours all went back to work.

It was welcome news for the danish people, but it was a logistical nightmare for hairdressers.

The surge caused utter chaos for hairdressing salons all over the Scandinavian country. The issue that caused the stress was that the booking systems for appointments were so overwhelmed with the demand, they crashed. It caused hairdressers across the nation a lot of confusion as they didn't know who was booked in and who wasn't.

This got us thinking about when we can go back to work and hopefully, it will get you thinking too.

When the announcement does come saying that we can all reopen again, what is your plan of action?

Every client on your books is going to call you. It is going to be like the lead up to Christmas, only no one has an appointment.

Do you have a booking system that is up to date?

Is your salon phone diverted to you?

Will you need an extra line?

Does your salon have a voicemail and is it up to date?

Have you spoken to your staff about the imminent demand?

Will you offer staff overtime?

These may seem like obvious pointers, but they are important to consider.

After weeks of bad hair and regrowth, the last thing we want is to lose these clients to someone else.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail".

Now is the time to plan 

When salons are allowed to open again, we won't be given much time to prepare. Every day is going to be like Saturday, so if becoming sustainable is your goal, start now.

We've made it easy

We set you up with the separation bins, window decal, mirror stickers, client leaflets and a listing on our salon locator. In addition, we give you regular collections, ongoing support, and ideas and education on all matters regarding sustainability.

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