Ella: Sustainable salon spotlight

If you’re a regular at Ella, you’ll already know that we aim to be an environmentally friendly salon and work hard to be as sustainable as we can.

We have lots of excellent initiatives already underway to reduce the business’ environmental impact, and we have lots of plans for the future to maximise a positive impact and make sure we’re being a sustainable salon.

Overall, Ella has already taken some fantastic steps to reduce the footprint of their activities. Ella is leaps and bounds ahead of other similar businesses in the local area and in the wider national industry context.

Ella uses sustainable hair products by that offer a refill for hair care products. They have also considered the products used for beauty treatments. Jane Scrivener products use organic core oils and natural ingredients throughout their product range.

On-site laundry limits emissions from transporting linen and also ensures the best practices can be maintained. Eco-friendly detergents are already used. Washing should be at 30 degrees and using an eco mode if the machine has one.

When the contract is up for renewal with our current energy supplier, we are switching to one of the following green energy suppliers; Bulb, Good Energy and Ecotricity.

As the business does not use gas, it is easier for Ella to be 100% renewable-powered.

At Ella, we have demonstrated an understanding of the need for constant re-evaluation and evolution of our existing business practices to keep up with trends and stay ahead of the undeniable shift towards truly sustainable business models.

Taking a pragmatic, transparent approach to sustainability and doing what you can, with what you have, where you are now and taking staff and customers on the journey with you, should yield exciting results.

Meet Daniela: Owner and founder of Ella.

How would your staff describe you?

That's a scary question! Ha! 

I'd like to think that they would say I am fair and supportive.

I hope they trust that I make my decisions based on the wider picture of what is right for our whole community, the health of the business and whilst taking into consideration individual needs of employees.

I like to lead from the back, so they might say I'm fairly relaxed, and I think that's what makes our salon have a chilled atmosphere.

Negatives might be that I am too opinionated about them eating more healthily and drinking water! Ha! 

Do you ever get new clients because you are a "sustainable salon"?

I think there has been a definite shift in our existing customers being more interested in how we operate. I would hope, as we make more progress with our sustainability journey and recycling efforts, we will attract customers with the same values. 

Favourite "Eco" products that aren't a hairdressing product?

It's got to be anything that is reusable and responsibly sourced. We need to move away from our 'throw away' convenience culture. 

Who is your "eco-hero"? 

Guy Singh- Watson, founder of Riverford. I started using the delivery service a few years back and always felt so inspired by the weekly newsletter that came with my veg box. He is a huge inspiration to me of how we can all do business better! I love his ethical approach. From the constant efforts to make the organisation more sustainable, to putting the employees and growers at the heart of what he does. 

What's the best or worst environmental statistic you've seen recently?

Best statistics have to be the reports on the drop in pollution across the world, since the COVID lock down, enabling nature to breathe. 

For me, maybe the worst statistic is yet to come, if we don't learn and make changes moving forward,  pollution goes back to previous levels (or worse) and nature doesn't recover.

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