Adam Reed: Green Libertine

For us, a "Green Libertine" is someone who doesn't follow the conventional rule book, someone who stands up for what they believe in, who isn't afraid of the unknown, and is creating something new or leading the way.

Our Green Libertines will be joining us in creating a new direction for our industry, helping us lead the way towards changing our industry for the better.

We are thrilled to have Adam Reed as a Green Libertine because he embodies the values and goals that we share at Green Salon Collective, which is to create a "new norm", lead the way and bring positive, sustainable changes. Adam is a big name in the industry and has an equally large heart.

Who is Adam Reed?

At a young age, Adam would spend his Saturdays in a local salon in Minehead, Somerset, called Something Else and at the age of 13, he asked for 3 block heads to practice on. After school, he went on to work full-time at Something Else.

Adam then made the move to London and started working at Charles Worthington. In the evenings, Adam worked in a bar called Brief Encounter and for the renowned ‘Mr Pearl’ (Corset-maker) where he beaded for the likes of Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler, Antonio Beradi and the then-unknown designer, Alexander McQueen. Adam continued to grow at Charles Worthington’s, Covent Garden, and spent a further 2 years building the CW brand in New York.

Back in the UK, Adam launched Percy & Reed in 2007 with business partner Paul Percival. They went on to launch another P&R salon, then the global award-winning, HAIR product range, available in 19 countries worldwide. In 2019, Adam decided that it was time to venture out on his own and Adam Reed London was born.

If that wasn't enough, we asked Adam a few questions recently to get to know him more.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a hairdresser, dad, creative, complex all-round funny guy! 

Best advice you were given as a young hairdresser?

I have always remembered someone telling me that there is a reason that you have 1 mouth and 2 ears. 

As an industry, what would you like to see change?

Sustainability in our industry is something that I feel should be educated across the board. Education is key, and only when educated are we able to move forward in a positive direction.

How do you think our industry will change when the lockdown is over and how much are you ready to get back to it?

It is so hard to know how it will change until we are back and working. There are so many positives to have come from lockdown, so the first change should be that we don’t go back to exactly the same as before. Less Ego, less retouching, less stress...

Favourite "eco" product that isn't a hairdressing product? 

I am a big fan of the Body Shop. Anita Roddick was a great friend of mine and she was a true pioneer and disruptor, and I love that the body shop is a high street brand that is continually moving forward. 

Who is your "eco-hero"? 

Anita Roddick. She made me see the world differently a long long time ago! (Anna is a human rights activist and environmental campaigner, best known as the founder of The Body Shop, one of the first to prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals)

Why are you a part of Green Salon Collective?

Sustainability is important to me and Green Salon Collective is truly leading the way in salon sustainability!

What's the best or worst environmental statistic you've seen recently?

Oceans and the damaging effects of single-use plastic, it is petrifying the damage and the ongoing effect of single-use plastic. The effects of PPE as most, are single-use plastic, and it frightens me what will happen to all of this plastic after the need for it slips...

Need more Adam? You can follow him here @adamreedhair