A silver lining form Coronavirus?

Social isolation, lack of cars on the roads and restrictions on movement are having vast positive effects on the fight against climate change.

Early studies from researchers in New York have told the BBC that there has been a drop in carbon monoxide (mostly from vehicles) by almost half compared to 2019 figures.

Emissions of CO2 (the gas that is heating the planet) have also taken a dive.

By May, when CO2 emissions are at their highest in the US (due to the leaves decomposing) the levels recorded might be the lowest in over a decade ago

Researchers in China found a drop of 15 per cent to 40 per cent in output across the country’s key industrial sectors, oil, coal and flights.


Recently released data from Copernicus Sentinel-5P (big shinny Star Wars type satellite that is used for atmospheric monitoring) has picked up a decline of air pollution, specifically nitrogen dioxide. In this video below from the European Space Agency you can see how the decline coincides with Italy's nationwide lockdown.

“Pull one string here, and it affects everything else,” - says Christopher Jones, a climate policy expert at University of California, Berkeley