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How to recycle Paper & Cardboard

You might think that paper & cardboard is easy enough but did you know that takeaway coffee cups can't be recycled in your recycling bin, but they can in ours?

How often do you or your clients bring takeaway tea and coffee cups into the salon?

You may already know that if you put them in your recycling bin they do NOT get recycled.


But why?

Takeaway cups for tea, coffee or even a fast-food chain Coke all look harmless enough leading most people to assume that the humble paper cup should be simple enough to recycle. Unfortunately, each of these cups has a wax or plastic lining. Have you ever noticed small milk type bits floating on top of your fresh coffee? Chances are, that's the plastic lining!


This lining makes it too difficult for a regular recycling plant to handle. The wax or plastic needs to be removed and this requires time and money.



OK, what can you do?


Thankfully, we know where to take the cups so they can be recycled. Any member of Green Salon Collective is provided with small in-salon bins. Simply put the plastic lid inside the salon's plastic bin along with shampoo bottles and other plastic packaging, and put the paper cup in the salon's paper bin, with all the other paper and cardboard waste. We collect your bins and then extract the cups for you.

Phew, that was easy.


Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. The best way is to avoid these type of cups altogether. But don't panic, this doesn't mean you have to skip your morning brew, just remember to take your reusable cup with you! Did you know that all the big coffee chains and some of the small ones actually give you from 25p to 50p off your coffee just for bringing a reusable cup?


We can raise money from your paper & cardboard and 100% of profits raised go to charity.