Recycling services


Where possible when using personal protective equipment (PPE) it's always better to use items that can be washed and used again. 

When it comes to gowns, aprons and masks, compostable or washable versions are available. 

If you do use single-use PPE, we can recover this waste stream and turn it into clean energy. 

Zero PPE to landfill

We are proud to provide a service to businesses in the hair and beauty industry that ensures no more PPE makes the journey to landfill where it causes problems.

We're all about solutions!

All your PPE waste will be used to generate electricity for the UK National Grid. It is sent to a specialist facility that burns it to ash. The incineration process produces heat and electricity and all PPE is burned according to the Offensive Waste guidelines.

Waste to energy

The beauty about waste-to-energy incineration is that it helps to reduce the volume of trash we produce (i.e. the physical space) and helps us to avoid polluting our waterways or burdening landfill sites. 

The process can also begin to pay for itself as the electricity it generates is sold. 

One key drawback about waste-to-energy incineration is that good, clean facilities are incredibly expensive to build, especially those that are effective at capturing the pollutants released in the process. 

We have partnered with First Mile to ensure all hazardous waste such as PPE is sent to such a facility: Seneca in London (license number UP3790VY/A001).

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