Our vision

Our vision is to raise the standard of our industry by enabling salons to become more ethical and sustainable environments for not only the salon, but for the stylists and salon guests too. Using our recycling system, together with our education and accreditation programme, salons can gain new like-minded clients by becoming  true, ethical, sustainable businesses that turn the waste in your bins, to meaningful wins. Every item of salon waste can be used again to benefit our industry, community and the environment. 

The sad truth is that mixed recycling does not work. It causes cross-contamination within the bin bags, causing many salon items to be sent to landfill.

By providing a circular economy for salons, Green Salon Collective are the solution.

Circular economy

The circle in the Green Salon Collective logo is to represent the circular economy that we are creating within our industry. With every single decision we make, the first thought is always, "How will this benefit our industry, the environment and/or the community?" w

When we deal with your waste we are always thinking, "How can we reuse, repurpose or recycle this waste into an item or scenario that will benefit the industry, the environment or the community?". With this mindset, we can create a circular economy with each waste stream that you give us. 

Traditionally, our industry has a linear economy. Salons send waste to landfill, very little (if any!) gets recycled, and there are no benefits for anyone.


Here are two examples of how we create a circular economy within your salon. 



The current linear hair issue  

Currently, hair goes straight to landfill and has no positive impact on your business, the environment or community. 

Circular solution for hair with GSC

We provide you with a bin for only hair. We collect the hair from your salon using either electric vans or carbon-neutral transportation. We use your hair for either gardening, composting or for oil or waterway cleaning operations. And when we can profit from this process we the proceeds to industry charities.


The current linear metal issue

Your empty colour tubes and used foil do not get recycled in mixed recycling, as they cause the paper and plastic to also become contaminated. As a result, all these contaminated items then go to landfill. Your foil and tubes then take 400 years to breakdown as the toxic chemicals seep into the environment.

Circular solution for metals with GSC

We provide you with a bin for salon metals (used foil, colour tubes, cans). We collect the metals from your salon using either electric vans or carbon-neutral transportation.

We then 100% recycle the metals in the UK, and profits raised from the commodity sale go to charities like Haircuts 4 Homeless & FoodCycle.



Saving the planet doesn't have to cost the earth

Available UK & Ireland wide, our system costs on average £1 or €1 per client. To learn more, head to the contact page and get in touch. 


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