Green fees

Green fees, eco fees, sustainable charges. What are they and how do they work? Cost-neutral pricing, explained. 


For our system to become cost-neutral our member salons charge their clients a £1 to £2 (or euro) "green fee" on every visit.  Some salons call it an eco fee, or a sustainable fee, either way this extra charge covers all future costs of being a member with us. 

Once a salon has paid for a registration kit we are a "pay as you go" system.  Salons charge their clients a green fee then use this new revenue to buy GSC Return Boxes, as and when you need them.

Salons then pack a single box with bags of hair, metals etc and we collect it for free once a collection is booked.     

Software integration 

We work with most salon software programs, this means we can set up your system so a green fee is added to every invoice and this extra revenue doesn't get added to stylists totals either. It will set separately on your profit & loss so you can clearly see how much green fees you have generated vs. how much you have spent with us. 

Does this really work?

Short answer, Yep, it works! In fact, the feedback is that salon clients not only have no issue with an extra £1 then are even happy to pay more because people want to support more sustainable ethical businesses. Our member salons have even picked up new clients just because they are on the Green Salon Collective system. 


We sat down to talk with two salon owners to see how it has worked out for them.